Hem Aktuellt Intervju med Matt Fox på Sweat Elite

Intervju med Matt Fox på Sweat Elite


Alla löpare som lyssnar på löparpoddar samt även gillar att kolla på hur eliten tränar har säkert sett och hört på Sweat Elite. De gör ett väldigt bra jobb att likt magasin Spring ge en inblick i hur de bästa tränar.

Här kommer en liten intevju (på engelska) med Matt Fox som är grundare men även en mycket bra löpare som inom närmaste tiden ska gå för nytt personbästa på maraton.

Matt fotad under ett långpass i Boulder.

Hi Matt! You are the founder of the podcast and Youtube channel Sweat Elite , how did you come up with the idea for that?

Originally a few friends and I came up with an idea to make a running training log a social media application. Unfortunately our timing wasn’t great with Strava launching into Running (at the time, they were almost exclusively Cycling) at around the same time, which made life difficult for us. Ultimately we couldn’t figure out fast enough how to monetise our application, that was called Sweat Mobile, and we pivoted to what is now Sweat Elite.

You have meet a lot of great runners, who is your favourite both as a runner and person?

Probably Andy Butchart (UK athlete). A significant talent, friendly athlete who goes above and beyond to ensure the content being produced is of the highest quality. Andy also assists in connecting us with other athletes, seeing the project as something bigger than himself – rather something helping boost the image of the sport.

Sweat Elite currently have about 88 000 subscribers for Youtube. Do you have dream number?

I haven’t thought about this, but it’d be nice to one day reach 500,000 subscribers and I think this is possible in the coming years.

So is this your full time job or are you hoping it will be?

Managing Sweat Elite is my full time job however I do take part in other projects and businesses.

You are a very good runner yourself and now the viewers can follow your training towards Berlin Marathon for a Sub 2:20 attempt. So how is the training going?

Thank you! Training is going well, i’m struggling in the summer heat at the moment but hopefully it’ll make the race feel easy. I log everything on Strava also, so people can follow along there if they don’t have time to watch Youtube.

Matt på Rotterdam i år som tyvärr slutade med en DNF. Kommer han lyckas med sub 2:20 i Berlin istället?

A lot of swedes are going to Berlin Marathon as well, do you have any pro tips to share?

I ran Berlin Marathon in 2019 and really enjoyed the event. It’s a dead flat course with and incredible crowd supporting the entire way. I don’t know if I have any specific tips for it other than to ensure you drink a German beer within 30min of completing the race.

I really like to watch the pro’s sessions but the series with you and Nick Bester is a little more relatable, are you planning on more subelite-clips?

We have some ideas, nothing set in stone just yet… but stay tuned.

You been in Iten Kenya a couple of times and now live in Boulder. What place would you say is the best environment for becoming a better runner?

I currently temporarily live in Boulder, Colorado. I think Flagstaff might be a better place for a training camp but it’s a much smaller town with less to do outside of running. The altitude is probably more optimal in Flagstaff (2100m/7000ft as opposed to 1600m/5300ft). Iten, Kenya is completely different in that it’s 3rd world environment, you’ll need thick skin to survive there (be OK with cold showers, electricity outages, etc). The altitude is even higher than Flagstaff – 2400m/7700ft and the trails on offer are challenging, hilly and mostly uneven surfaces. I do recommend it but it can be uncomfortable for some.

Matt med en lokal löpare i Iten.

Last question, I just started testing Soar and their Marathon Speed System and I know you now are sponsored by them. What’s your reason for using Soar (besides being sponsored by them😃)?

I’m a huge SOAR fan as a result of their design and comfortable material, especially in the summer months when things get super sweaty.

Matt i maratonträning ihop med Nell Rojas.

Om ni vill följa Matt eller titta/lyssna på Sweat Elite finns länkar nedan.

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