Running and hiking with the Walkers

Lena Eliasson  

Bumped into some Swedish athletes and It showed that we could do some sessions together, even though we don’t compete in the same category.

Yesterday afternoon we had a nice (and partly quite tough) hike up towards Muottas Muragl. Starting at 1738m and passing the cable station at 2456m, continuing up to Lej Muragl. Top notification was 2750m and then turning down towards the station and taking cable down. The view from Muottas Moragl must be the best in this area?!?

Träningssällskap med svenske gångaren Perseus Karlström, som jag träffade på vid EM i Zurich förra sommaren. Här njuter vi av grym utsikt över St Moritz. (och nej, jag är inte som Björgen....putar bara lite med magen =))

Training companion, the Swedish walker Perseus Karlström, who I also met at EM in Zurich last summer. Right here we enjoy the panoramic view of St Moritz. (and no, I’m not like Marit Björgen….just a bad angle =))

Today I ran a nice marathon-session. Starting by 7K towards the airport and there I joined the walkers – Perseus and three Canadians + 2 coaches on bike for 20K (they had tempo-session) and then I ran back home again.

No big warmth here yet but can’t complain while it’s sunny and beautiful views.

Best of the day: laughing a lot while discovering some small videos by “The Nordic Boys”!

Still low this far: all on TV is dubbed =(.

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