Intervju med Chris Mocko


Jag har fått en intervju med amerikanen med det coola namnet Chris Mocko. En ultralöpare av rang som i framtiden tänker sig  vinna Ultravasan 90.

Under lite planlöst Youtube:ande hittade jag The Chris Mocko Show, en kanal där man får följa Chris i hans satsning.

Verkade vara en hyvens kille som gått lite längre än de flesta i sin passion till löpningen. Jag drog iväg ett mail och frågade om en liten intervju och resultatet ser ni nedan. Kolla framförallt in sista videon där det dyker upp lite kända svenska ansikten.
Fredagsslöheten gjorde att jag inte orkade översätta men hoppas ni duktiga nog att klara av det.

Med blicken mot 2019?

So, for our swedish readers that never heard your name, who is Chris Mocko?

Man, myth, legend. I would expect most Swedish runners to already know the name ;) I am a retired product manager who worked in tech in Silicon Valley (Google, Square, Twitter) who ran competitively in college at Stanford University, switched to road marathons after college, and transitioned to trails/ultramarathons in 2016.

2017 you quit your job as a techguy and decided to give running a real chance, how come?

Training for ultramarathons takes a lot of time and energy and I never believed I was reaching my full potential. The only way to discover this potential was to commit myself completely to my training to put in the necessary time on trails and to my own recovery to make myself the best possible athlete that I could be.

Your youtube channel The Chris Mocko is a big part of it I guess?

My YouTube channel is a great way to share my experiences with a larger audience in a more personal way than a tweet on Twitter/post on Facebook or a photo on Instagram. It has been a great way to connect with the broader trail running community and really make a name for myself in the sport. It is also a really fun opportunity for me to stretch my creativity skills to make entertaining, engaging content.

Do you train in group or mostly by yourself?

I typically train alone. It’s very difficult to find training partners who are training for the same race distances and have similar enough training plans that you can work together. Also a lot easier to schedule in runs when you head out the door whenever you wake up!

So how does a hard training week look like?

One track session (anything from 800m to 3000m repeats), one longer hard effort (~15km of tempo work), one long run (35-60km), one secondary long run (25-40km), and a lot of easy running to get to ~200km of running per week.

Road or trail?

I love both, but it’s definitely a different experience on the trails. You can really escape on a great trail!

Typisk svensk lövskog. Från loppet Pass Mountain i år där Chris vann samt satte nytt banrekord på.

Favourite hard session?

Three by 30 minutes where each 30 minute internal is broken up into three 10 minute sections–medium effort, hard effort, easy effort. 90 minutes of continuous running is a great mental and physical test!

What’s your main goal for next year?

Win Western States.

Last but not least, when are you coming to Sweden?

August 2020 for Ultravasan 90!


Nickname: Mocko

Age: 32

Personal best: 2:22 marathon, 1:06 half marathon

Sponsor: Nike

Results 2018:

Pass Mountain – 11/17/18 – 3:29:17, 1st, Course Record

Long Beach Marathon – 10/7/18 – 2:25:43, 1st

Cheyenne Marathon – 9/23/18 – 2:37:06, 1st

Giants Half Marathon – 9/9/18 – 1:10:07, 3rd

Silver Rush 50 Mile – 7/8/18 – 7:19:06, 4th

Leadville Trail Marathon – 6/16/18 – 3:38:13, 1st

Dirty 30 – 6/2/18 – 4:46:15, 2nd

Quad Rock 25 Mile – 5/12/18 – 3:15:56, 2nd

Bild från loppet Javelina Jundred 100 mile.


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